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Morgan Adams is a stunning American YouTube vlogger, social media star and influencer, who rose to the mainstream through her eponymous YouTube channel. She uploads interesting contents which cut across travelling adventures and her daily activities on the channel. She is also famous for being the sister of the renowned YouTube star, Ireland Boys.

Coming from a very supportive family, Morgan began her YouTube career when she was 12 years old. She created her first self-titled channel in November 2015 and has gone on to amass substantial followership with over 2.8 million loyal subscribers. Asides YouTube, she is equally active on other social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.

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Just like entertainers who feed the soul, so is the one who knows how to reach a man’s heart through his stomach by making available sumptuous meals that tickle the taste buds and leave the belly full. Scott Conant, the American celebrity chef, restaurateur, TV personality, and cookbook author knows his onions when it comes to that.

He is prominent in the food circle where he has established himself as one of the nation’s top chefs and restaurateurs. As almost impossible as it will be to list all of his achievements in his career that has spanned over three decades, going by his long and impressive resume, we will try nonetheless. Sit back and rock your chair as we take you through Scott Conant’s world.

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Gone are the days when any list of celebrities in any sphere of entertainment will be occupied by adults and those who are well advanced in age and probably no longer performing. In our own time, a crop of young vibrant and uniquely talented celebrities are emerging in various spheres of endeavour. From entertainment to science and technology, millennials are notably securing their spots on the limelight and one of such is Ethan Bortnick.

Ethan has done what many people who are older than him haven’t been able to do, still, there seems not to be any definite career milestones he can’t reach before he becomes an adult. He is a pianist who began playing when he was as young as 3. If you have been wondering why he is making a lot of buzzes recently, the paragraphs below will explain more.

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Over the years, The X Factor which is a Fox reality singing competition has been the perfect platform where aspiring talents launch their careers. Notable among celebs whose careers germinated on the fertile soil of The X Factor is Willie Jones – an American born country singer who passed the audition by singing the song titled “Your Man”. He is also notated for singing “Here for the Party” at a live show performance

Jones has come a long way from reality contest to real life success and for a few years now, he has been in the public eye as he continues working with notable record producers. He has released new tracks intermittently as he embarks on tours around the globe. “Runs in Our blood” is his debut single which hit the music stand in May 2018, Jones luck has held since his appearance on The X Factor as he has embarked on successful collaborations with celebrated artist like Jennel Garcia,Ireland Boys, Aaron Carpenter and Blake Grey.

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Shayne Topp is a multi-talented American actor and comedian, who has won the hearts of his millions of fans around the globe with his excellent acting and comic skills. He rose to prominence through his role as Matt Bradley in the ABC sitcom series, The Goldbergs. He can also be remembered for his role in popular shows such as the Disney Channel series, So Random!, A Sort of Homecoming, and Dear Lemon Lima, etc.

Aside from movies, Shayne has been applauded for his great improv comic skills. He has featured in several comedy shows and films. Notable among them is Ireland Boys where he has been appearing since 2015. Additionally, the movie star has received lots of award nominations out which he has won a few. Some of his awards include Method Fest Awards and Los Angeles Film Festival Award for his outstanding performance in Dear Lemon Lima. Learn more interesting details about the actor in the following paragraphs.

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Kathleen Quinlan is an actress who has come to be known more for her TV roles than for her films. Having started her career in 1973 when she was 19 years old, she has appeared in close to one hundred films and TV shows and has earned a couple of Academy awards in the process. Some of her most popular appearances include I Never Promised You a Rose Garden, Appollo 13, and Prison Break.

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Ezekiel Elliott came into the National Football League (NFL) as the fourth overall in the 2016 NFL Draft picked by the Dallas Cowboys. He has been with the Cowboys since then, playing the position of a running back. This lad has shown himself to be exceptional and a talking point on and off the pitch. In the not so distant past, he was talked about for somewhat not so laudable reasons for which his earning has been tampered with.

Find out all there is to know about him here including who his parents are, his wife and what body stats he possesses that have made him one of the best footballers to be playing on the American soil.

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